De Profundis

Letter from G to PA (2013-4-27)

27 Apr 2013

Care Frater P.A.,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I promised to tell you about the cats, but first I wanted to mention that the heroic effort of agents I had investigating the status and attempt to recover the remainder of the library in storage was apparently a success. You’ve no doubt read several epic novels where a group of people go off in a different direction than the main narrative only to return later with a wild side tale of daring and death defying do. Apparently, this is one of those tales, about which I have yet to hear the full details. However, I have reason to believe that precarious unknown, into which the store of books and items I previously mentioned had increasingly slipped, has been banished from the immediate and is being held at bay for the foreseeable future.

This recent turn is the culmination of an extended nerve wracking sequence of events, as I’m sure you can recall from some of my previous discussion, if not lamentation. I have not fully gathered what wits I had expended on coordination and worry, but hope to regenerate now that topic is not a constant drain on my mind and energy.




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