De Profundis

Letter from G to PA (2013-4-27), page 2

Enough of that aside for now! I’d like to now return to my previously promised topic. Perhaps you will have some thoughts on this of your own, but I offered the observation in passing that the cats here are aware. Of course, as a cat person my own self I would be inclined to imbue certain intelligence to these beings, but there seems to be something more than expected.

I cannot right now recall if I’ve mentioned to you before my personal preference for the company of cats as companion animals, but at least I’ve mentioned it now! There are things that I’ve observed over the years, and things that I’ve learned from association with these animals. An acquaintance once observed me while interacting with a cat and then called me a “cat whisperer” … all in all, probably more respectable than some other things I’ve been called.

Did you know that cats do not generally meow at each other? In fact, when I cat meows it is trying to communicate to someone other than another cat. Most often cats will actually learn to meow as a way to communicate with humans, and the nature of these vocalizations are something they have learned elicits certain responses from the humans they are around.




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