De Profundis

Letter from G to PA (2013-3-21)

Vernal Equinox 2013

Care Frater P.A.,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I previously mentioned that I had relocated, for various reasons (some of which you know quite well). One of the things that I looked for when seeking the right place to situate myself was a vibrant temple district. Such a place would not find my own work unfamiliar enough to raise alarms, though if they knew the full story they might think twice about their own occult proclivities, hang out the "closed" sign, and retire to the hills leaving all of it behind …

I suspect most people don’t think about the modern city having a temple district, as cities have had since time immemorial. But, of course, the modern city does, just as the ancient did. Further, I am aware that there are not only official, sanctioned temple districts, but also quite unofficial, self-organized ones. There are not only the political temple districts, but the vernacular ones as well. There are hidden geometries which no printed maps show that must be discovered by the attentive explorer. I was definitely looking for the vernacular hotbed of activity, and I was pretty sure I’d found it until now. Now, I’m quite sure I did.




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