De Profundis

Letter from G to PA (2013-3-21), page 3

As an aside, I have managed to reach some acquaintances who have agreed to look into the situation with the portions of the library that are still in storage, including quite a number of important artifacts for and from my work in the Order. As I had mentioned, the status of the guardian who had been charged with keeping these materials has become uncertain, so I hope that these agents, duly deputized to act on my behalf in regard to those stores, can reconnoiter and then get things sorted as best they are able under whatever conditions by which they find themselves constrained.

I hold out hope that these items are still recoverable as their loss would be a blow to me personally, but also delay my work while I was forced to find suitable replacements and so forth. I will, of course, let you know how this particular part of the story plays out, but let us both hope for the best.

Hope things have been well with you and yours!

Love is the law, love under will.


P.S. I must remember to tell you about the cats around these parts. They are … aware.



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