De Profundis

Letter from G to PA (2013-3-10)

10 Mar 2013

Care Frater P.A.,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I would never have guessed that being a librarian would be so fraught with danger, and, I suppose I must also admit, exciting as well.

So much seems to have happened, in the time since our last exchange; but in a mysterious way things also stay the same, maintaining a kind of equilibrium.

Change can be daunting. However, I must say, for me, the change of moving has always usually been a grand two-fold opportunity. Firstly, moving is a chance to re-invent one’s self; a trip through a territory wherein one’s own self, as it may have been known by one and all, is suspended. Self being a construct of both how one sees ones own self and how others see; with dimensions of each of those two that are known and unknown: a Johari window. The good bishop Berkeley’s answer to the empiricists may also suggest that there is another, divine eye looking in the window of self as well; making an Ennead of self (or, perhaps, an Ogdoad plus a ninth, truly unknown-unknown-unknown, primally observant ur-self?).




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