De Profundis

Letter from D to G (2013-5-1), Page 3

So many questions. The Navajo, eternal outsiders, retain some memories of the time of the Anasazi, but their weavings are hard to read, the stories in the books not the same as those told in the hogans on long, cold winter nights.

My days are spent working out how to measure the dark, my nights in dreams standing on Chimney Rock, afraid but excited. Were they up to something?

I’m having better luck with the Minoans, which seem to me to have had a similar fate befall them. Sunny Crete, sea loving Minoans—whose Daedalean dance floors they built palaces around. Their light vanished—and not caused by the Mycenaeans; they seem to have bee trying to hold on. The archeology is less clear—I need to find the book by Driessen—but they ended up high in the mountains or migrating overseas. A darkness overtook them but can follow a trail of light.




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